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Teknik i förskolan : Pedagogers uppfattningar kring teknik och att arbeta med ämnet i förskolan. / Technology in preschool : Pedagogues’ conception of technology and how to work with it in preschool.

  • Bengtsson, Nadja
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Jan 01, 2018
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The purpose of this study was to examine how you can work with technology in preschool and how the staff describes what technology in preschool can be.   Surveys with both open and closed response options were used and 52 preschool staff answered the questionnaire. The survey was made on paper because I wanted to go to the different preschools personally and hand over the questionnaires and at the same times describe what the study was about and why I did it.   The result of the study shows that preschool staff´s perception of technology varies. What separates the answers is about motivation and knowledge of technology. The answers vary from describing technology extensively with, to only describe technology with one word, such as: puzzle. The result shows that there are no big differences between the categories in the answers to the open questions, but there is a little difference in the questions with closed answers. The open question is about what technology is and how to work with it. The closed questions are about knowledge and security when working with technology. 

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