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Talet om informationskompetens : Implikationer för relationen mellan bibliotekarier och användare / The talk about information literacy : Implications for the librarian-user relation

  • Kjellin, David
  • Pernler, Tobias
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2008
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The purpose of this Master thesis is to investigate how the relation between users and librarians is affected by higher education librarians’ talk about information literacy. The thesis uses Norman Fairclough’s critical discourse analysis in analysing four articles written by Swedish higher education librarians and in answering how information literacy, users and librarians are constituted. The analysis indicate that the questions have no distinct answers, there are discrepancies between, as well as within the texts. The results of the analysis are discussed in three different aspects with regards to the implications of them to the purpose of the thesis. What the users need to learn in order to become information literate is constituted either by use of a techno-managerial discourse, with the risk of limiting the way users perceive information and thereby constituting the relation as unequal, or a democratizing discourse, with the possibility of empowering the users by pointing to information as individually and contextually dependent. How the users are to become information literate is influenced in part by a user-centred pedagogical discourse, constituting the users as variably active co-creators in the educational process, thus creating the possibility of a more equal relation. This relation is somewhat hampered by the librarians’ emphasise of their own expertise in the struggle for acceptance as a pedagogic, educating institution. With regards to why the users should become information literate the librarian is at risk of reproducing unequal and ideologically invested structures both within the library and in society at large. / Uppsatsnivå: D

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