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Tailoring the interfacial properties of magnetic multilayers for the observation of skyrmions at room temperature

  • Moreau-Luchaire, Constance
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Dec 21, 2016
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We have been able to successfully observe isolated sub-100nm skyrmions in Ir|Co|Pt samples. Moreover, we have been able to observe them with two different techniques: STXM - a synchrotron technique that maps the out-of-plane magnetization of a sample, and MFM - a laboratory technique that images the gradient of the magnetization. We have also shown that we have stabilized them in extended films as well as in nanostructures (nanodisks with diameter from 200 nm to 1 μm, as well as stripes with width from 400 nm to 1 μm). Secondly, we have developed two different approaches to estimate the DMI amplitude in samples. The first one is based on the mean domain periodicity in samples after demagnetization. The second technique is based on the size evolution of skyrmions with applied out-of-plane magnetic field. For the need of the micromagnetic simulations, we have also tried to determine the exchange stiffness of our samples. With this value, the DMI aplitude found in our samples is about 2 mJ/m². We have performed a systematic study on samples with variation of different parameters : number of repetitions of the main trilayers, Co thickness, Pt thickness, Ir thickness, composition of the buffer layers, and switching Ir with W or AlOx. We also observed that the density of skyrmions is decreasing with increasing effective anisotropy.

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