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Tag med er kniv; En fallstudie om Rosengårds image i ljuset av stadsbyggnadsprojektet Amiralsstaden

  • Bernström, Joel
  • Gutestam, Ludvig
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Jan 01, 2019
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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It has become common practice for cities to use neoliberal planning to improve the region’s economic growth and old industrial cities are using an additional cultural strategy to reinvigorate their city image. This is the case for Malmö which tries to renew itself from an old industrial city to a knowledge-based city by changing the built environment and using place branding. The change is made to attract innovation, companies and the desirable creative class. Malmö’s latest endeavor is to redevelop Rosengård, a part of the city notorious for its large immigrant population, its social inequality and its bad image.This study aims to compare culture worker’s perception of Rosengård to the image set by the urban planners in their planning documents. The culture workers are part of the so- called creative class and are favored by cities that believe this group will help to promote economic growth and contribute to the cities’ renewal.Malmö, like other cities, wants to change its image to be more alluring for desirable possible citizens, but if the city changes its image to something that is unrecognizable to its existing inhabitants Malmö risks not only to displace those inhabitants, but also to start an uprising.

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