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Systematic analysis of leisler’s bat Nyctalus leisleri (Kuhl, 1817) captured from FATA region, Pakistan

  • Hussain, I.
  • Mehmood, S. A.
  • Ahmed, S.
  • Salim, M.
  • Hussain, A.
  • Noureen, S.
  • Ahmed, D.
  • Israr, M.
  • Akbar, F.
  • Rasool, A.
  • Jabeen, H.
  • Saeed, K.
  • Alam, A.
  • Usman, K.
  • Saeed, N.
  • Khan, W.
  • Shah, M.
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2022
Scientific Electronic Library Online - Brazil
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Abstract Extensive field surveys were carried out to explore the distribution of Leisler’s Bat Nyctalus leisleri (Kuhl, 1819) in selected area of FATA regions, Pakistan. Specimens of Leisler’s Bat Nyctalus leisleri (Kuhl, 1819) (n5) were collected from Kurram Agency (Shublan) (N33.8229788 E70.1634414) at elevation 1427m and Khyber Agency (Landi Kotel) (N34.0909899 E71.1457517) at elevation 1091m for two years survey extending from May 2013 through August 2015. The mean head and body length, hind foot length, ear length and tail length the Nyctalus leisleri specimens captured from the study area was 65.08 ± 1.58 mm, 44.06 ± 0.52 mm, 8.38 ± 0.60 mm, 13.20 ± 0.99 mm and 39.46 ± 1.46 mm, respectively. For molecular analysis the sequences of COI gene were obtained and analyzed. The mean intraspecific divergences of Nyctalus leisleri was 0.04%. The mean interspecific divergences of Nyctalus noctula and Nyctalus leisleri was 0.2%. The mean concentration of each nucleotides was A = (26.3%), T = (32.8%), G = (15.9%) and C = (25.0%). The mean A+T contents were 59.2%and C+G were 40.9%. In the phylogenetic tree Nyctalus leisleri and Nyctalus noctula clustered with significant bootstrap support value.

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