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Synthesis of Malformin by an Enzyme Preparation from Aspergillus niger

  • Munehiko Yukioka
  • Theodore Winnick
Publication Date
Jun 01, 1966
  • Biology


Yukioka, M. (University of Hawaii, Honolulu), and T. Winnick. Synthesis of malformin by an enzyme preparation from Aspergillus niger. J. Bacteriol. 91:2237–2244. 1966.—An enzyme fraction derived from disrupted Aspergillus cells was able to utilize each of the component labeled amino acids of malformin for the synthesis of this cyclic pentapeptide. The process was stimulated by adenosine triphosphate, K+, and Mg++, and was optimal at approximately pH 8.5. It was not affected by inhibitors of protein synthesis (ribonuclease, chloramphenicol, puromycin). There is evidence that cysteine, rather than cystine, was incorporated into peptide linkage, so that the disulfide bridge of malformin was formed subsequently. Although only the d isomers of cysteine and leucine occur in the malformin molecule, the l, as well as the d form of these amino acids, was readily utilized by the enzyme preparation. As in the case of several other microbial peptide systems, it appears that the d enantiomorph can arise from the l isomer at an intermediate stage of polypeptide synthesis.

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