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Synthesis of long chain alkanes via aldol condensation over modified chitosan catalyst and subsequent hydrodeoxygenation

  • Zhao, Xuelai
  • Li, Song
  • Hu, Yuzhen
  • Zhang, Xinghua
  • Chen, Lungang
  • Wang, Chenguang
  • Ma, Longlong
  • Zhang, Qi
Publication Date
Jan 15, 2022
GuangZhou Institute of Energy Conversion
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In this paper, jet fuel range alkanes were produced by aldol condensation of furfural and levulinic acid over modified chitosan catalyst and subsequent hydrodeoxygenation. NaOH modified chitosan was developed and used as a solid catalyst in the aldol condensation of furfural and levulinic acid to produce long carbon chain compounds. At room temperature, the total yield of condensation products reached 94.4% over NaOH/CT-4 catalyst. The amine of chitosan plays an important role in the aldol condensation, which reacted with the aldehyde group of the furfural, producing an intermediate Schiff base and promoting the formation of condensation products. This new route avoided the occurrence of side reactions caused by NaOH. Therefore, the yield of the products was greatly increased. Moreover, kinetic analysis of the condensation reaction and the test of catalyst repeatability were also conducted with NaOH/CT-4. The condensation products were further converted to long-chain branched alkanes by hydrodeoxygenation over the 5 wt% Pd/NbOPO4 catalyst. As a potential application, these alkanes could be mixed with and used as the components of jet fuels.

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