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Synthesis, Characterization and Comparison of New Bulk Superconductors

  • Nouailhetas, Quentin
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Dec 13, 2022
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Superconducting materials have already been used in my applications such as MRI, particle accelerators TOKAMAKS or superconducting cables. With this, new projects are under development, such as superconducting electrical motors or magnetic shielding which could involve superconducting bulks as permanent magnets or magnetic shields. In this way, this Ph.D. is focused on the synthesis, characterization and comparison of the different superconducting bulks such as Iron-based or cuprates. Classic furnace sintering and Spark Plasma Sintering processes have been used on Iron-Selenide superconductors to optimize their superconducting properties and phase purity. Characterizations of the superconducting and material properties of the synthesized superconductors have been carried out as well as on other materials like REBaCuO (Rare Earth, Barium, Copper oxide) superconductors. Different characterization techniques are presented like magnetometry with a MPMS-SQUID (Magnetic Property Measurement System, Superconducting Quantum Interference Device), trapped field cartography, X-ray diffraction and Scanning electron or optical microscopy. I also had the occasion to characterize the superconducting properties of Infiltration Growth YBaCuO bulks using cantilever magnetometry with magnetic fields up to 33 T. With this, a comparison of the measured properties with other superconducting materials is done to determine the readiness of those materials concerning electrical engineering and their competitiveness compared to other well-developed materials such as Melt Growth YBaCUO bulks.

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