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Synthesis of Ce modified Li4Ti5O12 using biomass as carbon source

  • Li, Da
  • Liu, Yang
  • Zhao, Wei
  • Gao, Yiying
  • Cao, Lei
  • Liu, Yahui
  • Wang, Weijing
  • Yi, Lingyun
  • Qi, Tao
Publication Date
Oct 10, 2019
Institutional Repository of Institute of Process Engineering, CAS (IPE-IR)
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Biomass (fallen leaves) was used directly as carbon source to synthesize Ce doped and C coated Li4Ti5O12(LTO) in alkaline ballmilling medium. The unique porosity structure of fallen leaves and their trace amount of S elements can improve the Li ions migration ability and stability by coating a loose layer consisted of carbon quantum dots and inducing the interaction between S2- and PF6-. The alkaline medium can transform different species into unified hydrate form leading to the pre-arranged six-coordinate and four-coordinate lithium precursor and perfect crystal structure LTO. The capacity of obtained LTO reaches 169.4 mAh/g, 156.1 mAh/g, 141.5 mAh/g at 0.5 C, 5 C and 10 C, respectively and the capacity can maintain almost 100% even after 300 cycles at 10 C.

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