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Suzaku Spectroscopy of Vela Shrapnel B

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DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/696/2/1548
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We present the X-ray observation of Vela shrapnel B with the XIS on board the Suzaku satellite. The shrapnel is one of several ejecta fragment-like features protruding beyond the primary blast wave shock front of the Vela supernova remnant. The spectrum of shrapnel B is well-represented by a single-temperature thin-thermal plasma in a non-equilibrium ionization state. The elemental abundances of O, Ne, and Mg are found to be significantly higher than the solar values, supporting that shrapnel B originates from supernova ejecta. The abundances of O, Ne, and Mg relative to Fe are enhanced above their solar values, while that of Si relative to Fe are at their solar values. This abundance pattern is similar to that in shrapnel D, except that the enhancements of the lighter elements are less prominent, suggesting more extensive mixing with the interstellar medium (ISM) in shrapnel B. The contribution of the ISM is considered to be larger at the trailing region, because the absolute abundances of some elements there are depleted relative to those at the shrapnel's head.


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