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Survival curves of heated bacterial spores: effect of environmental factors on Weibull parameters

  • Couvert, Olivier
  • Gaillard, Stéphane
  • Savy, Nicolas
  • Mafart, Pierre
  • Leguérinel, Ivan
Publication Date
May 01, 2005
HAL-Rennes 1
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The classical D-value of first order inactivation kinetic is not suitable for quantifying bacterial heat resistance for non-log linear survival curves. One simple model derived from the Weibull cumulative function describes non-log linear kinetics of micro-organisms. The influences of environmental factors on Weibull model parameters, shape parameter "p" and scale parameter "delta", were studied. This paper points out structural correlation between these two parameters. The environmental heating and recovery conditions do not present clear and regular influence on the shape the parameter "p" and could not be described by any model tried. Conversely, the scale parameter "delta" depends on heating temperature and heating and recovery medium pH. The models established to quantify these influences on the classical "D" values could be applied to this parameter "delta". The slight influence of the shape parameter p variation on the goodness of fit of these models can be neglected and the simplified Weibull model with a constant p-value for given microbial population can be applied for canning process calculations.

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