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Supramolecular Fullerene Tetramers Concocted with Porphyrin Boxes Enable Efficient Charge Separation and Delocalization

  • xiujun, yu
  • wang, bingzhe
  • kim, younghoon
  • park, jiyoung
  • ghosh, samrat
  • dhara, barun
  • mukhopadhyay, rahul dev
  • koo, jaehyoung
  • kim, ikjin
  • kim, seungha
  • hwang, in-chul
  • seki, shu
  • guldi, dirk m.
  • baik, mu-hyun
  • kim, kimoon
Publication Date
Jul 22, 2020
[email protected]
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Herein, we report a novel porphyrin/fullerene supramolecular cocrystal using a shape-persistent zinc-metalated porphyrin box (Zn-PB) and C-60/C-70. An unprecedented arrangement of a tightly packed square-planar core of four C-60 or C-70 surrounded by six cube-shaped Zn-PBs was observed. This unique packing promotes strong charge transfer (CT) interactions between the two components in the ground state and formation of charge-separated states with very long lifetimes in the excited state and enables unusually high photoconductivity. Quantum chemical calculations show that these features are enabled by delocalized orbitals that promote the CT, on one hand, and that are spatially separated from each other, on the other hand. This work may open a new avenue to design novel electron donor/acceptor architectures for artificial photosynthesis. / 1 / N

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