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Suppression of sublinearity of light–current curve in 850 nm quantum well laser with asymmetric barrier layers

  • Zubov, F.I.
  • Maximov, M.V.
  • Shernyakov, Yu.M.
  • Kryzhanovskaya, N.V.
  • Semenova, Elizaveta
  • Yvind, Kresten
  • Asryan, L.V.
  • Zhukov, A.E.
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2015
Online Research Database In Technology
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An AlGaAs/GaAs quantum well (QW) laser is fabricated with GaInP and AlGaInAs asymmetric barrier layers (ABLs) and its light–current characteristic (LCC) is compared with that of a reference conventional QW laser without ABLs. It was found that the use of the ABLs suppresses the sublinearity of the LCC at high current densities. As a result, the maximum lasing power of 9.2 W, being limited by catastrophic optical mirror damage, is achieved at a considerably lower operating current in the laser with ABLs as compared to the reference laser (12.5 against 20.2 A). The ABL effect is associated with the suppression of the parasitic recombination in the optical confinement layer, as con- firmed by a decrease of the intensity of the spontaneous emission from the layer.

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