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Superstructure development and optimization under uncertainty for design and retrofit of municipal wastewater treatment plants

  • Bozkurt, Hande
  • Quaglia, Alberto
  • Gernaey, Krist
  • Sin, Gürkan
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2014
Online Research Database In Technology
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n this contribution, an optimization - based approach is presented for optimal process selec tion and design for domestic wastewater treatment plant s (WWTP s ). In particular, we address the issue of uncertainties by formulating the WWTP design problem as a Stochastic Mixed Integer (Non) Linear Programming (sMI (N) LP) problem and solve it to determine the optimal process selection and flow diagram that meet s a set of performance criteria including effluent quality requirements , cost and technical requirements. The application of the framework is highlighted using a case study aiming at des igning a new WWTP under different objective function scenarios. For the uncertainty analysis, sources related to influent wastewater composition, operational cost and effluent permit requirements are studied and robust design candidates are generated and d iscussed.

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