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The superheavy elements : overview

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Superheavy Elements (SHE) up to Z = 118 have been produced and studied. The Relativistic Mean Field (RMF) theory provides a reasonably good description of the ground state properties (binding energies, Q-values, deformation, radii, densities etc.) of these elements. Shell closures revealed by the vanishing/minimum pairing energy, are predicted for specific combination of neutron number N and proton number Z, specifically at N = 38, 164, 172, 184 and 198. Some of these have been confirmed experimentally. Future experiments are expected to validate the remaining predictions. Microscopic alpha-nucleus potential generated in the frame work of double folding model, employing the RMF densities for the daughter nucleus and the experimental densities for the alpha, along with the density dependent M3Y nucleon - nucleon interaction, qualitatively reproduce the experimental half lives for alpha - decay, calculated in the WKB approximation.


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