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Super-efficient drilling of metals with ultrafast non diffractive laser beams

  • Nguyen, Huu Dat1
  • Moreno, Enrique1
  • Rudenko, Anton1
  • Faure, Nicolas1
  • Sedao, Xxx1, 2
  • Mauclair, Cyril1, 2
  • Colombier, Jean-Philippe1
  • Stoian, Razvan1
  • 1 Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Étienne, 42000, France , Saint-Étienne (France)
  • 2 GIE Manutech-USD, Saint-Étienne, 42000, France , Saint-Étienne (France)
Published Article
Scientific Reports
Springer Nature
Publication Date
Feb 08, 2022
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-022-05967-5
Springer Nature
  • article


A highly efficient drilling process is found in non-transparent metallic materials enabled by the use of non-diffractive ultrafast Bessel beams. Applied for deep drilling through a 200 μm-thick steel plate, the Bessel beam demonstrates twofold higher drilling efficiency compared to a Gaussian beam of similar fluence and spot size. Notwithstanding that surface ablation occurs with the same efficiency for both beams, the drilling booster results from a self-replication and reconstruction of the beam along the axis, driven by internal reflections within the crater at quasi-grazing incidence, bypassing potential obstacles. The mechanism is the consequence of an oblique wavevectors geometry with low angular dispersion and generates a propagation length beyond the projection range allowed by the geometry of the channel. With only the main lobe being selected by the channel entrance, side-wall reflection determines the refolding of the lobe on the axis, enhancing and replicating the beam multiple times inside the channel. The process is critically assisted by the reduction of particle shielding enabled by the intrinsic self-healing of the Bessel beam. Thus the drilling process is sustained in a way which is uniquely different from that of the conventional Gaussian beam, the latter being damped within its Rayleigh range. These mechanisms are supported and quantified by Finite Difference Time Domain calculations of the beam propagation. The results show key advantages for the quest towards efficient laser drilling and fabrication processes.

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