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“Super-duper classical Jew in Sweden” : An ethnographic study of young Jews

  • Wiberg, Idun
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Jan 01, 2024
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My ethnographic study follows young Swedish Jews as they navigate their lives before and afterthe 7th of October 2023. From eating matzo and gossiping in the synagogue to severing one’s connections with Israel or joining the Israel Defence Forces, these individuals provide a window into the various Jewish experiences in Sweden. Often with notable personal agency, my interviewees make sense of their inherited or chosen Jewishness through creative ways of doing Judaism. I joined them for a poetry reading, football matches and a synagogue visit and pondered the meanings of community in their lives. My curiosity about community led me to explore such matters as the interplay of Swedish and Jewish identity, kippahs as community markers, and group pride as a way to both remember and survive. As life has changed for many Jews this past year, I also explore the effects that this has had on the Jewish community in Sweden.

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