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Super high-rise in Rotterdam:

  • Winter, U.M.
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Jul 07, 2011
TU Delft Repository
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There is large difference in height between high-rise buildings in the Netherlands and high-rise in other continents such as North America and Asia. The tallest building in the Netherlands, the “Maastoren”, has a height of 164.75 meter whereas in the rest of the world buildings with a height of more than 300 meter are not uncommon. In Dubai the Burj Khalifa has even reached a height of 828 meter. Each high-rise project is unique and depends on the many location-bound conditions which influence the choices made in the design of a tall building. Because of this the following question is asked: “Is it technically possible to achieve similar heights in the Netherlands?”. In order to answer this question the goal of this thesis is to deliver the structural design of a tall building with a predetermined height of 800 meter.

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