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The study of the pyrolysis obsolescence aircraft tires

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[[abstract]]Abstract In recent years with the rapid economic development in Taiwan the market of air transportation is growing prosperously According to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications there are 14 airliners 205 airplanes 600 military airplanes in Taiwan which have produced a large amount of waste airplane tires It is estimated that around 4 000 tones of waste airplane tires should be dealt with each year To deal with waste car tires by means of pyrolysis has been studied widely and internationally However pyropysis processes airplane tires has not drawn much attention yet This study focuses on dealing with waste airplane tires through pyrolysis in the nitrogen condition with different heating velocity including 10℃/min 、15℃/min及20℃/min by means of Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) In the end the response of the waste airplane tires is only in one stage This study also uses Friedman Model to model dynamic parameter showing that the velocity curve (dx/dt vs T) is coincident in calculation value and actual value and the R2 of the three heating rates is 0 9879、0 9679、0 9431 respectively It can be said that the model can be adapted in dealing with waste airplane tires

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