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Study on the Parameters of Strengthening Soft Surrounding Rock by Electric Pulse Grouting in the Mining Face

  • qiao;, xiaoguang
Publication Date
Jan 27, 2023
DOI: 10.3390/su15032314
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As an effective measure for the rapid fracturing of coal and rock, electric pulse fracture technology has been successfully applied in oil extraction and natural gas discharge. Using the electric pulse fracture mechanism, this technology can be applied to grouting reinforcement to improve the infiltration efficiency of grouting. In this study, we used a numerical simulation method to establish numerical models with different electric pulse peak pressures, different grouting times and different drilling spacing conditions Through numerical simulation studies, we found that the influence range of grouting reinforcement grows with the increased maximum pressure generated by the electrical pulse. The most economical and reasonable electric pulse parameter setting is 5 MPa for static grouting pressure and 100 MPa for peak electric pulse pressure. The best grouting time to keep pressure in the borehole is determined as 9 h, and the best borehole interval is 10 m. In addition, through the treatment of the soft roof of the Caojiashan coal mine, we also found that the reinforcement sample within the grouting reinforcement range had a compressive strength of more than 1.1 MPa; after each grouting reinforcement was completed, the hydraulic bracket could advance 12 m each time, which shows that the electric pulse grouting reinforcement technology has an obvious effect on the treatment of soft roof slab.

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