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The Study of IPv6 Implementation for Campus Network

  • Chu, Chun-hung
FirstTech Institutional Repository


[[abstract]] In recent years the network technology develops rapidly and the mobile device is more popularization make the internet application up to the peak time With this situation we face the serious problem that is IPv4 addresses has been exhausted this is unexpected of IPv4 designer Order to solve the problem the IETF(Internet Engineering Task Force) proposed a new protocol is IPv6 And there is another problem is IPv4 and IPv6 can’t communicate with each other So we need transition technologies to make IPv4 communicate with IPv6 In complex translation we not only need to solve the problem of IPv4 communicate with IPv6 but also to make IPv4 network environment upgrade to IPv6 network environment In this study we compare a serial of IPv6 transition technologies and then use IPv6 Dual Stack transition technology to upgrade a network environment Due to end users and MIS engineer lack of the knowledge and experience of IPv6 so we propose a practical deployment template of IPv6 upgrading This study using Dual Stack transition technology to upgrade original IPv4 network environment such that without affecting production networking Finally in this study we introduce the upgrade configuration and principles we also presents the executing result And advise some things to pay attention and strengrhen management after upgrade

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