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IP企業網路建構之研究 / Study on IP Enterprise Network Architecture

  • pan, juinn-feng
Publication Date
Jul 01, 2005
FirstTech Institutional Repository


[[abstract]]企業網路已不再只是單純公文的發送,而是提供使用者更進一步的便利,如語音(Voice over IP,簡稱VoIP)、視訊會議(Video Conference)、E-mail的收發、企業資源規劃(Enterprise Resource Planning,簡稱ERP)、生產單位的監控(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition,簡稱SCADA)和帳務資料的整合…等,都是目前企業網路所能提供的功能。 本文將對於現今企業網路的基礎建構、動態路由的運作、企業內部各種通訊協定的流量加以分析,以找出更適合於企業網路的網路通訊和運作模式。首先將現有的大型企業網路建置於SDH環狀網路上,接著利用IP over SDH的方法將企業網路串連並利用SDH的環狀保護功能,使企業網路的運作更為順利並減少斷線的可能。探討企業內部骨幹網路的佈建、骨幹網路的動態路由協定的建構和目前所廣泛運作的各種通訊協定流量加以分析並提供企業往後建構自有網路時的參考。 企業網路的架構可分為兩大類在骨幹網路部份可分為光纖骨幹網路與IP骨幹網路;動態路由協定的建構可分為RIP (Routing Information Protocol),IGRP (Interior Gateway Routing Protocol),EIGRP (Enhance Interior Gateway Routing Protocol),OSPF (Open shortest Path First)。本論文分別模擬當兩大類骨幹網路斷線時動態路由協定重新收斂的時間和各種通訊協定的封包有多少比例將被破壞,找出最適合企業網路的建構方式。利用GRE技術將各個不同單位的網路能快速的整合,讓MIS人員和網路工程師做為網路建置、擴充和優化的參考。 / [[abstract]]Now enterprise network is not just to transmit the official document, and offer a further convenience to users, such as the functions to as Voice over IP (VoIP), Video Conference, E-mail, Enterprise Resource Planning, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition and Integration of the Account Database…etc. This study focuses on enterprise network architecture and dynamic routing protocol integration for the better solution of enterprise network. Firstly, install the enterprise network in SDH network, and then connect the other site of enterprise by IP over SDH in SDH protection ring network. It will reduce enterprise network to disconnected. Another focus is on backbone network and dynamic protocol architecture, and protocol analysis in enterprise network. The results this research will be provided for references while constructing enterprise network. Enterprise network configuration can be classified as two categories: Backbone network in SDH and IP backbone network;dynamic routing protocol architecture:RIP (Routing Information Protocol), IGRP (Interior Gateway Routing Protocol), EIGRP (Enhance Interior Gateway Routing Protocol),OSPF (Open shortest Path First).The study will simulate transmission of SDH network and dynamic routing protocol operation. When the backbone network is broken, we try to reconfigure the SDH network based on dynamic routing protocol. We also estimate of the time of resulting, and how many packets to be destroyed by different protocol. From simulation results, the better enterprise network architecture can be found. Lastly the different site network can be rapidly integrated by GRE. The simulation result satisfies us.

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