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The Study on the Image of Urban Space in Lukang-The Concept of Culture Blend between Chinese and Japanese Culture-

  • bor-shyue, wu
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[[abstract]]The development of urban space can present a city’s history and background The different races and cultures lead to various image of urban space In the past Taiwan has involved lots of nations like Netherlands Zheng’s Dynasty Qing Dynasty and Japanese These nations also built some buildings and constructions in Taiwan’s city By the same token these people import their local culture in Taiwan Taiwan’s city accumulates diverse cultural facts because of these nations Lukang is one of the Taiwan’s oldest cities There are many precious cultural assets in the image of Lukang’s urban space Especially during the Qing Dynasty Lukang is one of the most important cities in Taiwan Furthermore there are a plenty of Chinese cultural facts have established in Lukang’s urban space since Qing Dynasty such as Chinese traditional house building and street Afterwards Taiwan entered in Japanese colonial period Japanese authorities had set up several modern and western policies in Taiwan’s city including Lukang They improve Lukang’s Urban space and construct new style building Due to this reason Lukang’s urban space had received fresh image at this time All in all both of the Qing Dynasty and Japan colonial period are the chief period to the development of Lukang’s urban space The main purpose of this thesis discusses and researches on the image of Lukang’s urban space between Chinese cultural fact and Japanese cultural fact

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