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Study of high-power broad area distributed-feedback laser

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Jan 01, 2011
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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High-power semiconductor laser is commonly used for pump source, but the absorption spectra width of the ion which is pumped by the laser is often small. In order to improve the pumping efficiency of high-power semiconductor laser to solid or fiber laser, the current and thermal drift coefficient of wavelength should be decreased. The influence of grating depth and grating duty cycle with the laser wavelength stabilized effect are analyzed theoretically. The appropriate grating parameter is obtained by experimental verification. And the appropriate laser cavity length is obtained according to the optimized condition. The first broad area distributed-feedback(DFB) laser whose wavelength is well-locked is fabricated interiorly. The broad area DFB laser single emitter with2.4 mm cavity length,100μm stripe width produce continuous-wave output power of400 mW at15°C heatsink temperature and its wavelength is954 nm. The current drift of wavelength on this DFB laser is0.67 nm/A and the thermal drift coefficient of wavelength on this DFB laser is0.046 nm/K.

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