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以資源基礎理論觀點探討企業競爭優勢之研究 / A Study of Competitve Advantage on Resource-Based Theory

  • ya-chun, yang
Publication Date
Jun 26, 2010
FirstTech Institutional Repository


[[abstract]]隨著外在環境多變,企業間競爭日益劇烈,環境瞬息萬變,企業對於外在環境的分析與掌握較以往更為困難,而企業內部的資源與能力卻是自身能夠加以管理與掌控的。因此,企業在制定策略時,已由外在環境轉變為注重內部條件。而資源基礎理論觀點就是強調內部資源的重要性,企業如何發展並運用資源,來獲得競爭優勢。 本研究透過文獻整理與個案訪談的方式,針對麥當勞、肯德基與摩斯漢堡的實務經驗與相關次級資料,先以五力分析來診斷個案公司是否正視自己的短處與面臨的潛在危機,再依資源基礎理論來探討三家個案公司如何運用資源,以在市場上占有一席之地。 本研究分析後,發現麥當勞之競爭優勢主要來自於站在市場的前端;肯德基之競爭優勢主要來自於透過和多家廠商之簽約;最後,摩斯漢堡之競爭優勢主要來自於內部管理之創新運用。透過本研究的歸納與分析,將近年來國內速食產業的發展與優勢,供國內速食業三大龍頭參考。 / [[abstract]]With changeable environment competition in business is intense Hence it is hard for businesses to analyze and control external environment However businesses can get control of internal resource and capability so they pay attention to the point from external environment to internal condition as they make strategies Resource-Based Theory emphasizes the importance of internal resource and discusses the issues how do businesses develop and use resource in order to get competitive advantages This study makes use of literature review and interview to make case-study First we use McDonalds Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Mos Burger (MOS) experiences and related second resources to diagnose internal disadvantages and external crisis through forces Analysis Then from the view of resource-based theory to discuss how do those businesses use resources so as to advance their ability This study finds out that competitive advantages of McDonalds comes from the leader competitive advantages of KFC comes from signing many contracts with factories and competitive advantages of MOS comes from the innovation of internal management Through generalizing analyzing this research proposes trend of development and advantages about domestic fast-food industry for domestic McDonalds KFC and MOS

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