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Studies of Nondefective Adenovirus 2-Simian Virus 40 Hybrid Viruses IX. Template Topography in the Early Region of Simian Virus 40

  • Cephas T. Patch
  • Andrew M. Lewis
  • Arthur S. Levine
Publication Date
Mar 01, 1974


The DNAs of the five nondefective adenovirus 2 (Ad2)-simian virus 40 (SV40) hybrid viruses contain overlapping segments of the early region of wild-type SV40 DNA. The complementary DNA strands of these five viruses have been separated with synthetic polyribonucleotides in isopycnic cesium chloride gradients. The relative amounts of early and late SV40 template in the DNA of each virus were determined by RNA-DNA hybridization with late lytic SV40 RNA, which contains sequences complementary to both templates. From the distribution of early and late templates in the five overlapping SV40 segments, we conclude that either the entire early region of SV40 is symmetrically transcribed in vivo, or, more probably, that the early SV40 templates are not contiguous.

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