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Kampen om det förflutna : Kulturarvsdiskussioner i museidebatten 2016-2017 / The Struggle for the Past : Heritage Discussions in the Swedish Museum Debate 2016-2017

  • Pumplun, Rikard
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Jan 01, 2018
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This essay studies the Swedish museum debate during 2016–2017, regarding the display of history. The sources analysed here that represent the debate are the Swedish Govenment’s Proposition on Cultural Heritage Politics (Regeringens proposition 2016/17:116), the Museum Investigation (Ny Museipolitik 2015) and articles from Swedish daily newspapers. The essay uses Laurajane Smith’s work (Uses of Heritage 2006) on Authorized and Subaltern Heritage Discourses, as well as methods for argument analysis and construction of the Heritage node. The essay concludes that the Government’s Proposition is more closely tied to a Subaltern Heritage Discourse, while the Investigation lies somewhere in between both discourses, and the newspaper articles adhere to an Authorized Heritage Discourse. The Proposition construct the Heritage node in an open, multiculturalistic way that also focus on relevancy for today’s society and stresses the importance of the experience of the visit. The Investigation focus on the special role of the museum professionals, and also believes in a balance between traditional knowledge-based exhibitions and experience-based ones. The authors of the articles see the heritage as under threat from Government Politics, where knowledge and tradition is being replaced by norm criticism and multiculturalism.

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