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STRESS OCH KÄNSLA AV SAMMANHANG : En kvantitativ undersökning bland högskolestudenter i Västerås stad.

  • Assibey, Doris
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Jan 01, 2017
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The mental health of students has worsened over the last ten years in form of stress, depression and burnout. Reports on students' health shows that stress is a common occurrence in school. This means that efforts to promote the management of stress among students is important. The school as an arena for public health work is important because half of the Swedish population are students. Earlier studies also show that the degree of sense of coherence (SOC) is a fundamental factor to manage the amount of stress that students are exposed to. The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of stress and to what extent students ‘SOC affects the risk of stress regarding age and gender, and if there is any association between stress and SOC. The study is based on a quantitative method based on convenience sample selection and includes 85 respondents between ages 19-42 year. Univariate, Chi two test and binary regression analysis was used to answer the study’s questions. The results of this study showed association between stress and gender where women experienced more stress than men. The result also showed association between stress and the degree of SOC where students with low sense of coherence had seven times higher chance to be often stressed compare to students with high sense of coherence. There where however no association between stress and age as well as between stress and education programs. Further, no association was observed between the degree of SOC and age or between the degree of SOC and gender. The conclusion in this study is that there are differences in stress between gender, where female students reported feeling higher stress compare to male students. An additional conclusion that can be drawn is that there is association between the degree of SOC and stress. Coping and salutogenic perspective was used as a theoretical basis for the discussion of the results.

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