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Strength and Endurance Training in Older Women in Relation to ACTN3 R577X and ACE I/D Polymorphisms

  • romero-blanco, cristina
  • artiga-gonzález, maría jesús
  • gómez-cabello, alba
  • vila-maldonado, sara
  • casajús, josé antonio
  • ara, ignacio
  • aznar, susana
Publication Date
Feb 14, 2020
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The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of two genetic polymorphisms, ACTN3 R577X, and ACE I/D, on physical condition in a sample of active older women after a two-year training period. The sample was composed of 300 healthy women over the age of 60 who underwent a two-year training program. Adapted tests from the Senior Fitness Test were used. The genotyping of the polymorphisms was obtained from the participants&rsquo / DNA via buccal swabs. The analysis of the ACE polymorphism did not reveal differences between genotypes. The analysis of the R577X polymorphism showed a favorable effect for the ACTN3 XX genotype in tests for leg strength (p: 0.001) after training, compared to the other genotypes, and also in the analysis of the combined effect of the polymorphism (ACE II + ACTN3 RX/XX). The intragroup effect revealed an improvement in arm strength for carriers of the X allele after 24 months of training (p &lt / 0.05). The endurance values significantly worsened in all study groups. Conclusions: The R577X polymorphism of ACTN3 may have an important role in capacities related to muscle strength, providing a beneficial effect for carriers of the X allele.

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