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Strategisk retoriker eller bara bitter och arg? : - en retorisk analys av krönikören Linda Skugge

  • Casteryd, Magdalena
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Jan 01, 2005
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Abstract Aim: The aim of the study is to analyze ten different columns written by Linda Skugge, in order to see what kind of rhetorical means she uses to get her message across. It is also to examine if, and to what extent, these means are of female nature, and to see what kind of persona Skugge uses in order to be trustworthy. Method: Rhetorical analysis of ten columns written by Linda Skugge Main results: The study has shown that Skugge´s rhetorical strategies differ from the ones recommended in theories about female speech. Skugge writes with a lot of character and emotionally based arguments, which, according to the theories, is more of a male way of speaking. Skugge gives an impression of being strong, competitive and offensive in her character, but also reveals that her role is consciously chosen in order to receive respect and to gain power. Number of pages: 42 Course: Media- and Communication studies D University: Department of Information science, University of Uppsala Period: Spring 2005 Tutor: Amelie Hössjer Keywords: rhetoric, rhetorical analysis, feminist studies, persona, Linda Skugge

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