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Strain effects on optical polarisation properties in (11(2)over-bar2) plane GaN films

  • guo-dong), gd hao (hao
  • yong-hai), yh chen (chen
  • ya-ming), ym fan (fan
  • xiao-hui), xh huang (huang
  • huai-bing), hb wang (wang
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2010
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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We present the theoretical results of the electronic band structure of wurtzite GaN films under biaxial strains in the (11 (2) over bar2)-plane The calculations are performed by the kappa p perturbation theory approach through using the effective-mass Hamiltonian for an arbitrary direction The results show that the transition energies decrease with the biaxial strains changing from -0 5% to 0 5% For films of (11 (2) over bar2)-plane, the strains are expected to be anisotropic in the growth plane Such anisotropic strains give rise to valence band mixing which results in dramatic change in optical polarisation property The strain can also result in optical polarisation switching phenomena Finally, we discuss the applications of these properties to the (11 (2) over bar2) plane GaN based light emitting diode and lase diode

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