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Stora barngrupper i förskolan : pedagogernas reflektioner i arbetet med att forma en god läromiljö i förskolan

  • Utter, Mari
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Jan 01, 2018
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The aim of my study was to find out how pedagogical views affect their work in large children groups. Furthermore, I wanted to know how the pedagogues organize a good learning environment to provide for children´s development and learning. I conducted five qualitative interviews with preschool teachers in a small municipality, where I aimed for preschools that had a children group with more than 15 children. The results of my study showed that the difficulties of informants were to work with both the learning objectives, and also to meet the needs of every child in large children's groups and that children are affected differently; the needs differ from child to child. The informants' approaches are based on the composition of the children's group, and the different needs of children. All informants who participated in the study agreed that the children's groups are too big today. Their wish was to have a maximum of 15 children in the group. In order to properly accommodate the needs of all children and the children to be seen, the informants' strategy was to divide the children into small groups when the opportunity was available. All informants stressed that safety was important to work in their business. The difficulty was to see every child, as the focus was on the group itself and getting the day together with all the everyday routines needing to be done.

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