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Stochastic quantization of matrix models and field theory of nonorientable strings

  • Nakazawa, Naohito
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Aug 01, 1995
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In quantizing gravity based on stochastic quantization method, the stochastic time plays a role of the proper time. We study 2D and 4D Euclidean quantum gravity in this context. By applying stochastic quantization method to real symmetric matrix models, it is shown that the stochastic process defined by the Langevin equation in loop space describes the time evolution of the non-orientable loops which defines non-orientable 2D surfaces. The corresponding Fokker-Planck hamiltonian deduces a non-orientable string field theory at the continuum limit. The strategy, which we have learned in the example of 2D quantum gravity, is applied to 4D case. Especially, the Langevin equation for the stochastic process of 3-geometries is proposed to describe the ( Euclidean ) time evolution in 4D quantum gravity with Ashtekar's canonical variables. We present it in both lattice regularized version and the naive continuum limit.

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