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Stochastic effects of waves on currents in the ocean mixed layer

  • Holm, DD
  • Hu, R
Publication Date
Jun 14, 2021
Spiral - Imperial College Digital Repository


This paper introduces an energy-preserving stochastic model for studying wave effects on currents in the ocean mixing layer. The model is called stochastic forcing by Lie transport (SFLT). The SFLT model is derived here from a stochastic constrained variational principle, so it has a Kelvin circulation theorem. The examples of SFLT given here treat 3D Euler fluid flow, rotating shallow water dynamics and the Euler-Boussinesq equations. In each example, one sees the effect of stochastic Stokes drift and material entrainment in the generation of fluid circulation. We also present an Eulerian-averaged SFLT model (EA SFLT), based on decomposing the Eulerian solutions of the energy-conserving SFLT model into sums of their expectations and fluctuations.

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