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上部尿路結石症の統計的観察 / A statistical observation of urolithiasis

  • 夏目, 修
  • 渡辺, 昌美
  • 塩, 暢夫
  • 川村, 俊三
  • 小津, 堅輔
Publication Date
Oct 01, 1965
Kyoto University Research Information Repository


Incidence. The number of patients with urolithiasis w as 283 which occupied 16.2 % of the total number of the patients who visited our department. Regional Distribution. Kidney stone was seen in 140 cases (37.9 %), ureteral stone in 171 cases (46.3 %), bladder stone in 27 cases (7.3 %), prostatic stone in 25 cases (6.8 %), and urethral stone in 6 cases (1.6 %). Age, Sex and Side. The high e st incidence was seen in persons of the third decade which occupied 55.9 %. Urolithiasis occurred more frequently in the male than in the female. No predilection in the affected side was observed. Symptoms. The chief complaints were pain i n the flank and abdomen, lumbago and hematuria. Renal colic was experirnced in 35.7 % of the patients with kidney stone and in 71 % of the patients with ureteral stone. Treatment. Operative treatment was mainly carried out for the stones in the upper urinary tract, but rapid diuresis was proved to be effective.

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