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Static State of a Black Hole Supported by Dark Matter

  • meierovich, boris e.
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Sep 13, 2019
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The possibility of an equilibrium state of a gravitating scalar field (describing ordinary matter) inside a black hole, compressed to the state of boson condensate, in balance with a longitudinal vector field (describing dark matter) from the outside, is considered. Analytical analysis, confirmed numerically, shows that there are regular static solutions to the Einstein equations with no limitation on the mass of a black hole. The metric tensor component grr(r) changes sign twice. The behavior of the gravitational field and material fields in the vicinity of these two Schwarzschild radii were studied in detail. The equality of the energy&ndash / momentum tensors of the scalar and longitudinal vector fields at the interface supports the phase equilibrium of a black hole and dark matter. Considering the gravitating scalar field as an example, a possible internal structure of a black hole and its influence on the dark matter at the periphery of a galaxy are clarified. In particular, the speed on the plateau of a galaxy rotation curve as a function of a black hole&rsquo / s mass is determined.

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