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Standing balance recovery strategies following external perturbations : a multiscale approach with applications to dense crowds

  • Chatagnon, Thomas
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Dec 20, 2023
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Every year, several crowd accidents are reported around the world. These accidents can result in injuries and even fatalities. One of the triggering element of these accidents has been reported to result from falls associated with loss of standing balance in this dense crowd context. However, knowledge regarding human standing balance in dense crowd is very limited due the complex nature of this environment. In this thesis we proposed an experimental approach to study standing balance recovery of individuals following external perturbations in environments with different crowd density. In particular, as perturbation may occur from any direction in dense crowds we first study the reaction to single individuals to external perturbations arising from different directions. Based on the data collected during of this experiment, we were able to propose a method to predict participants’ recovery strategies following external perturbations based on kinematic information. Experiment involving multiple individuals were then considered. In particular, we study the effect of the crowd density on the initiation and the characteristics of recovery steps. Eventually, a novel experimental paradigm was proposed to study standing balance during real crowded events. This approach was then used within punk rock concert crowds. Results provided new insights regarding the physical interactions and recovery strategies observed in this context.

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