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Stabilization of 3-D trigonal phase in guanidinium (C(NH2)(3)) lead triiodide (GAPbI(3)) films

  • Kim, Y.
  • Nandi, P.
  • Lee, D.
  • Shin, H.
Publication Date
Jan 29, 2021
[email protected]
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An understanding of the phase transition in organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites is quite important. These phase transitions have been widely studied as they induce differences in structural, electronic, and optical properties. Thermochromic perovskite materials, which alter their optical bandgap in response to a change in temperature, have shown their potential in smart photovoltaic window applications by utilizing the structural phase transitions of inorganic halide perovskites. Here, we investigated the thermochromic properties of guanidinium (C (NH2)(3)) lead triiodide (GAPbI(3)) which shows a reversible crystallographic phase transition between a transparent orthorhombic phase (Pna2(1)) (<160 degrees C) and a yellow-colored trigonal phase (R<(3)over bar>m) (>160 degrees C). The thermal behavior, crystallographic information, and optical and electronic properties of GAPbI(3) in these two phases were also investigated. We are the first to report that an atomic layer deposition (ALD)-grown SnO2 passivation layer deposited on top of the perovskite layer can successfully stabilize trigonal-phase of GAPbI(3) for 14 h. Furthermore, in the GAPbI(3) photodetector device, the on/off photoswitching property was greatly enhanced through thermochromism. / 1 / N

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