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Spice up your life : virtual communication on the experiences from using synthetic cannabinoids

  • Salzmann-Erikson, Martin
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2016
DOI: 10.11608/sgnj.2016.21.027
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Introduction: The body of evidence about synthetic cannabinoids and their harmful physiological and psychological effects is increasing due to laboratory research and clinical case reports. However, little attention in research has been paid to users’ perceived intoxication experiences. Therefore, the insider perspective is accounted in this paper. Purpose: The study aims to explore and describe anecdotal communication about “spice”, a synthetic cannabinoid, among users. Methods: A netnographic methodology was applied using data from forum discussions. Results: The findings are presented in two categories: 1th) communication sharing experience-based knowledge from intoxication and 2nd) communication sharing attitudes, norms and values. The analysis that follows posits that there is near-consensus among the posters (users who has submitted a message) that synthetic cannabinoids are associated with negative experiences and should be avoided. Conclusions: The performativity of interactivity may be pivotal in helping frightened users make sense of their experiences. Therefore, a platform for communication among Spice users has important intrinsic value.


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