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Spectroscopy of the long-lived excited state in the neutron-deficient nuclides 195Po, 197Po, 199Po by precision mass measurements

  • Althubiti, NA
  • Atanasov, D
  • Blaum, K
  • Cocolios, TE
  • Goodacre, T Day
  • Farooq-Smith, GJ
  • Fedorov, DV
  • Fedosseev, VN
  • George, S
  • Herfurth, F
  • Heyde, Kristiaan
  • Kreim, S
  • Lunney, D
  • Lynch, KM
  • Manea, V
  • Marsh, BA
  • Neidherr, D
  • Rosenbusch, M
  • Rossel, RE
  • Rothe, S
  • And 6 more
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2017
Ghent University Institutional Archive
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Direct mass measurements of the low-spin 3/2(-) and high-spin 13/2(+) states in the neutron-deficient isotopes Po-195 and Po-197 were performed with the Penning-trap mass spectrometer ISOLTRAP at ISOLDE-CERN. These measurements allow the determination of the excitation energy of the isomeric state arising from the nu i(13/2) orbital in Po-195,Po-197. Additionally, the excitation energy of isomeric states of lead, radon, and radium isotopes in this region were obtained from alpha-decay chains. These excitation energies complete the knowledge of the energy systematics in the region and confirm that the 13/2(+) states remain isomeric, independent of the number of valence neutrons.

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