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Spatial augmented reality for physical drawing

  • Laviole, Jérémy
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Dec 05, 2013
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This dissertation presents the design, implementation, and evaluation of novel SpatialAugmented Reality (SAR) applications. These applications focus on enhancing physical drawingsuch as pencil drawing or painting by the projection of digital tools.First, we describe our tabletop SAR system and its possiblities. It takes into account thecamera and projector internal and external parameters to enable precise projection onto trackedsheets of paper. In addition to this, we enable touch and hand detection over the table with adepth camera. Consequently, it enables the creation of interactive touch screens on the pieces ofpaper on a table.Next, we focus on the creation of visual art, more precisely the first steps of creation whenthe artist structures it. We enable the creation and edition of digital construction lines (DCL)that are projected onto the paper. These tools are Augmented Reality (AR) tools, i.e., theyadd to existing tools: the whole user interface is on the table and the user never uses a mouse,keyboard or screen. In addition to the simple DLC (lines and curves), we propose to specializethem for specific drawings such as perspective drawing, character drawing and drawing from a3D model. We propose a novel way to display and interact with 3D objects on paper. We alsopropose to create mixed media drawing: it enables the creation of interactive visual art thattakes advantage from both the physical and digital possiblities.Finally, we describe new usages for our SAR system in many different contexts throughpublic exhibitions. The acceptability of such systems was found very good and “magical” bymost of the users. They only saw and interacted with interactive pieces of paper without noticingthe projection and tracking system.

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