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Spanish shoe companies on the Internet

  • Olcina Verdú, Salvador
  • Hernández Tormo, Gonzalo
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Jan 01, 2002
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The Internet is changing the way of conducting business. Many companies are developing a presence on the Web with extensive Web sites. This thesis aims to provide a better understanding of what Spanish shoe companies are doing on Internet. These companies have traditionally used other marketing channels and the Internet is a relatively new channel for them. This new opportunity provides the companies with other ways to develop relationships with customers. The purpose of this thesis is to investigate how they are doing with this new opportunity in this new World of communication. To reach the purpose we have studied two Web companies within the Spanish shoe manufacturing industry. More specifically, our research questions focus on the objectives of Web sites, how these Web sites can be described and how the Web sites are used to gain customer feedback. Our study indicates that Spanish shoe companies use the Web site to increase brand awareness, improve customer service and to expand the market of the company. / Validerat; 20101217 (root)

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