SOUTH ASIAN MONSOON TIME SCALE (Basics of the South Asian Monsoon Time Scale)

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SOUTH ASIAN MONSOON TIME SCALE (Basics of the South Asian Monsoon Time Scale)



The Monsoon of South Asian is a sub-monsoon of the greater Indian monsoon among several graphically distributed global monsoon. It affects the Indian subcontinent where it is the oldest and most anticipated weather phenomena and an economically important pattern every year from June to September. Yet it is only partly understood and notoriously difficult to predict. Several theories have proposed to explain the origin, process, strength, varabritely, and general vagaries of the monsoon, but understanding and predictability are still evolving. The unique geographically features of the Indian subcontinent, along with associated atmospheric oceanic, and geophysical factors, influence the behaving of the monsoon. Because of its effects on agriculture, on flora and fauna, and on the climate of nations such as Nepal, Indian, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan and Srilanka among other economic, social and environmental effects the monsoon is one of the most anticipated, tracked, and studicd weather phenomena in the region. KEY WORDS: South Asian Monsoon, Indian monsoon Time Scale, Chronological sequence, Main path of the Indian Monsoon Astrogeophysical/Astrometeorological Phenomena. INTRODUCTION:

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