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Solvable phase diagrams and ensemble inequivalence for two-dimensional and geophysical turbulent flows

  • Venaille, Antoine
  • Bouchet, Freddy
Publication Date
Feb 23, 2011
Submission Date
Nov 10, 2010
DOI: 10.1007/s10955-011-0168-0
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Using explicit analytical computations, generic occurrence of inequivalence between two or more statistical ensembles is obtained for a large class of equilibrium states of two-dimensional and geophysical turbulent flows. The occurrence of statistical ensemble inequivalence is shown to be related to previously observed phase transitions in the equilibrium flow topology. We find in these turbulent flow equilibria, two mechanisms for the appearance of ensemble equivalences, that were not observed in any physical systems before. These mechanisms are associated respectively with second-order azeotropy (simultaneous appearance of two second-order phase transitions), and with bicritical points (bifurcation from a first-order to two second-order phase transition lines). The important roles of domain geometry, of topography, and of a screening length scale (the Rossby radius of deformation) are discussed. It is found that decreasing the screening length scale (making interactions more local) surprisingly widens the range of parameters associated with ensemble inequivalence. These results are then generalized to a larger class of models, and applied to a complete description of an academic model for inertial oceanic circulation, the Fofonoff flow.

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