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Solar Neutrinos: Probing the Quasi-Isothermal Solar Core Produced by SUSY Dark Matter Particles

  • Lopes, Ilidio
  • Silk, Joseph
Published Article
Publication Date
Dec 17, 2001
Submission Date
Dec 17, 2001
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.88.151303
arXiv ID: astro-ph/0112390
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SNO measurements strongly constrain the central temperature of the Sun within a precision of much less than 1%. This result can be used to constrain the parameter space of SUSY dark matter particle candidates. In this first analysis we find a lower limit for the WIMP mass of 60 GeV, well above the WIMP evaporation limit of 10 GeV. Furthermore, in the event that WIMPs create a quasi-isothermal core within the Sun, they will produce a peculiar distribution of the solar neutrino fluxes measured on Earth. Typically, a WIMP with a mass of 100 GeV and annihilation cross-section of 1E-34 cm^3/sec, will decrease the standard solar model neutrino predictions, by up to 4% for the Cl, by 3% for the heavy water, and by 1% for the Ga detectors.


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