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Solar atlas implementation and multicriteria context of pv plants planning in Corsica Island (France)

  • Haurant, P.
  • Muselli, M.
  • Oberti, P.
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Sep 01, 2009
Kaleidoscope Open Archive
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Wind and solar potentials make Corsica so attractive that the construction of a reasoned planning for on grid plants is essential all the more so as variability of renewable energy production makes integration of this kind of energy delicate and a 100 MW threshold has been calculated in order to ensure the grid stability. MultiCriteria Decision Aiding (MCDA) approaches, that allow best compromise based recommendations between alternatives, considering constraints, criteria and actors, are adapted to projects planning. The object of this study first part is to present a MCDA methodology and to show the first steps of application that are constraints and criteria sets constructions. Photovoltaic energy production is one of the most important criterion. The large number of projects that must be studied and their geographic dispatching impose the construction of a solar irradiance map that the poor Corsica's meteorological network does not allow to create, justifiing satellite data used. A second part of this study shows the first step of a solar irradiance map construction, consisting in checking the satellite data validity, comparing them with terrestrial meteorological data. In agreement with the literature survey, these irradiation maps represent the first successful stage of the whole MCDA approach.

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