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The Soft X-ray Imager on board EXIST

  • Natalucci, L.
  • Bazzano, A.
  • Panessa, F.
  • Ubertini, P.
  • Tagliaferri, G.
  • Della Ceca, R.
  • Ghisellini, G.
  • Pareschi, G.
  • Villa, G.
  • Caraveo, P.
  • Fiorini, M.
  • Uslenghi, M.
  • Grindlay, J. E.
  • Ramsey, B.
Publication Date
Feb 05, 2010
Submission Date
Feb 05, 2010
arXiv ID: 1002.1194
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The Soft X-ray Imager (SXI) is one of the three instruments on board EXIST, a multi-wavelength observatory in charge of performing a global survey of the sky in hard X-rays searching for Super-massive Black Holes (Grindlay & Natalucci, these Proceedings). One of the primary objectives of EXIST is also to study with unprecedented sensitivity the most unknown high energy sources in the Universe, like high redshift GRBs, which will be pointed promptly by the Spacecraft by autonomous trigger based on hard X-ray localization on board. The presence of a soft X-ray telescope with an effective area of about 950cm2 in the energy band 0.2-3 keV and extended response up to 10 keV will allow to make broadband studies from 0.1 to 600 keV. In particular, investigations of the spectra components and states of AGNs and monitoring of variability of sources, study of the prompt and afterglow emission of GRBs since the early phases, which will help to constrain the emission models and finally, help the identification of sources in the EXIST hard X-ray survey and the characterization of the transient events detected. SXI will also perform surveys: a scanning survey with sky coverage 2pi and a limiting flux of 5x10^(-14) cgs plus other serendipitous.

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