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Skolkuratorn - ett vagt uppdrag? : En kvalitativ intervjustudie om upplevelser av skolkuratorns uppdrag och vilka begränsningar som inverkar på det / The school counselor - a vague assignment? : A qualitative interview study on experiences of the school counselor's assignment and the limitations that affect it

  • Khoshnazar, Kamand
  • Colak, Carolina
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2023
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The school counselor is the person who works with social work in the school. A school counselor's assignment is multifaceted, with duties playing a central role in health promotion and prevention work against for example mental illness, bullying and abusive treatment. The aim of this study has been to increase understanding of how school counselors and principals perceive the school counselor's assignment and the limitations that affect it. Our study emanates from eight semistructured qualitative interviews with school counselors and principals which were analyzed using sentence concentration. The results show that the assignment is perceived as vague where job descriptions are unclear. This in turn affects the school counselors' discretion. School counselors feel that their role is "fuzzy" and that there are unreasonable expectations from other professions. Furthermore, the results show that the main factors that control and limit the assignment are laws, regulations, guidelines, lack of resources such as time and finances, and the expectations of the principal and other professionals. Our conclusion is that school counselors need a clearer job description in order to clarify their assignment and their role at school. The school counselors described a desire to be able to devote more time to preventive work in order to be able to work more proactively than reactively.

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