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Skolbibliotekariens strategier och praktiker : Att bemöta utmaningar i det läsfrämjande arbetet / The School librarians strategies and practices : Meeting challenges in reading promotion work

  • Johansson, Emma
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2023
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School librarians working with reading promotion daily meet challenges regarding literature and reading from students. This requires for school librarians to know how to handle these daily challenges. This thesis aims to examine what challenges boys and girls respectively express regarding the school librarians work with reading promotion. This thesis also aims to examine what strategies and/or practices school librarians apply to meet these challenges. Seven semi-structured interviews were carried out with school librarians working in Swedish public and private schools. The results were analyzed using the sociocultural perspective on learning by Roger Säljö. The conclusion shows that a few school librarians see differences in the challenges presented by boys in comparison to girls while the other school librarians don’t notice any specific differences in challenges. The conclusion also states that the strategies and practices applied depends on the challenges presented and that there are some common strategies and practices among the school librarians. Some of these strategies and practices include involving the students in the library and reading promotion work, book talks, and reading focused projects.

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