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Skenet Bedrar : En ekokritisk studie av förvandlingstematiken i Skönheten och Odjuret och Nötknäpparen och Råttkungen / Not What it Seems : An Ecocritical Study of the Transformations in Beauty and the Beast and Nutcracker and the Mouse King

  • Tiger, Louise
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Jan 01, 2020
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The following essay investigates the artificial magic environment in two fairy tales with similar tropes and themes, to find out if the magic is necessary for the growth of the characters. The ecocritical movement constitutes the essay’s theoretical background in order to shine a light on the physical nature that has been slightly neglected when it comes to discerning the inner nature of the heroines in these stories. By employing theoretical concepts from animal studies, the essay also examines the relationship between animals and humans for the purpose of including the portrayal of animals in an expanded view on nature. The major conclusion of the essay is that magic can both help and hinder the protagonist’s journey to maturity. Furthermore, these fairy tales portray different methods of downgrading animals, but they also challenge an anthropocentric view of the world. 

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